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R9 vs R8 Entegra

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Topic: R9 vs R8 Entegra
Posted By: tspear
Subject: R9 vs R8 Entegra
Date Posted: 20 Jun 2018 at 9:57am
I am looking at buying an older Cirrus.
A few have the R9 upgrade installed. Others have the R8 Entegra solution.
What I cannot find is a feature comparison. Or any info on which will be supported longer.
R9 kinda seems like an orphan since I cannot find anyone who installs it.
R8 is rather long in the tooth and sourcing parts must be getting more difficult for Avidyne.

Does anyone have any insight?


Posted By: Catani
Date Posted: 20 Jun 2018 at 11:32am
In an older Cirrus, it's either Entegra/R9 or steam gauges. I'd go with the Entegra/R9 any day.  They are not Loran or ADF boxes - they are well supported and likely to remain so.  No experience with the R9, but my Entegra panel is astounding compared to the steam gauges and vacuum system of my last plane.  Steam gauges work though, and despite their more frequent failure modes and the need to stay sharp on partial panel skills, the individual components of a steam gauge panel can be more economical to get fixed or replaced than a PFD or MFD would be. Steam gauge airplanes are generally cheaper on the used market as well. So your decision should be based on more of a budget issue than a product support issue.

Posted By: tspear
Date Posted: 20 Jun 2018 at 1:26pm

I owned an SR20 G2 with the Entegra system for a couple of years, and it is what I rent now.
Now planning to buy another Cirrus, I have seen some with R9 others with Entegra R8 (All Garmin solutions are above my price point, and not really interested in a six-pack). Since I plan to keep the plane for a while, I am trying to get a feel for both feature comparison and how long either would be supported.


Posted By: Gring
Date Posted: 20 Jun 2018 at 7:58pm
R9 is a significant update from Entegra in both the user interface and the hardware design. R9 is more robust and reliable from a hardware perspective and all of the functions are within the R9 system whereas Entegra is only a PFD and MFD that relies on external GPS, Transponder, Audio Panel, and Autopilot. These functions are integrated into the R9 system. It is similar to a G1000 system, but with added features and the simplified user interface found in the IFD540/550/440.

In a Cirrus, it was a 59k upgrade not including installation which was another ~25k.

You may be challenged with finding a local CFI/II who has R9 experience, or any other Cirrus pilot with experience to assist with transition training. There are challenges with weather now that the MLB700 has been turned off. The Garmiin GDL69 boxes will not work, I don't believe the Heads-up technology will work (someone will have to check that one) and I believe the plan is to integrate ADS-B but I don't think that has been completed yet.

R9 has dual ADAHARS with full failover - the boxes are the same left to right with reversion giving full functionality. Entegra does not have Dual ADAHARS (except in some cases like the Meridian with dual PFDs). Failover is done with steam gauge backup.

R9 is awesome and if it has been upgraded to R9.3 it will have synthetic vision which is probably the best I've seen of any PFD.

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