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9.x Software update?

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Printed Date: 23 May 2024 at 7:37am
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Topic: 9.x Software update?
Posted By: Samurai
Subject: 9.x Software update?
Date Posted: 05 Jan 2019 at 7:19pm
I sent both my blades off for RMA because they had bad memory modules in them (both of them); I was told they were received on 12/6 and here we are a month later and no information. 
I was told that they sat there until 12/18 because of a software update? however the intention was to update the blades to 9.4 (from 9.3.3) when they came back from RMA with repaired flash drives, so i dont know what the point of waiting on a software update is for?
So I wanted to get avidynes response on this since it seem to have delayed things considerably; When the avionics shop tries to get any updates, the emails are going to support and not to the RMA center and so they have no idea what is going on; Getting someone on the phone has proven almost impossible and normally is just routed to a operator that doesn't know anything.
I see no announcement or SB about any software update so i am left in limbo wondering what is going on.
PS; there really needs to be a better method of getting updates to the shop and to the customer on RMA'ed equipment; I mean, with every other hardware manufacture i work with, their ticket system is publically open and simply typing in a RMA number should give tech notes and updates to the ticket. 

Posted By: AviSteve
Date Posted: 07 Jan 2019 at 2:30pm
The reason for the software update is because the new flash memories that were installed needed release 9.4.1 to be supported.  9.4.1 is the same as 9.4 with the single modification of providing support for the new memory chips.  It was finally approved on 12/18.

What I don't know is what the blades have been doing since 12/18.   Jack Musgrave is the tech support representative for R9, so I made him aware of the situation and now he's off trying to find out what's up with your blades.

Sorry for the delay.

Steve Lindsley
Avidyne Engineering

Posted By: Samurai
Date Posted: 07 Jan 2019 at 2:34pm
Thanks, however the blades were shipped with 9.3.3 on them. Are you saying that support will be upgrading the blades to 9.4.1 to support to new memory modules?
I was told that 9.4 was a 'paid for upgrade' not covered under the Aeroplan.

Granted i was planning on having them upgraded anyway, but i wanted clarification on that statement.

Also can you tell me more about the new modules? I noticed going through the logs that they looked like IDE flash modules; Will the new modules be faster, have more space on them etc?

Posted By: AviSteve
Date Posted: 08 Jan 2019 at 9:49am
I know that the new memories are basically the same but they required slightly different timings at startup and 9.4.1 has the modified software to do that.  I'm not sure about the business part of the 9.3.3 to 9.4 upgrade, so I suggest that you (or the shop) contact Jack directly (jmusgrave a.t

Steve Lindsley
Avidyne Engineering

Posted By: Samurai
Date Posted: 10 Jan 2019 at 12:40pm
I dont think that will work; My avionics person says that email address is forwarded to tech support and not Jack himself. The tech support team are just people that look at the tickets not the engineer actually working on it; So there is no helpful information in the ticket. 

My other question is, Is it normal for repairs to take more than 6 weeks? My blades have been at the service center since 12/6 in troubleshooting status; The last update i got this morning was they are still in troubleshooting with NO ETA. 

Is it normal for repairs to take this long? I must say, after 6 weeks my patients have pretty much run out; When you spend $7000 on a warranty, i thought i would be getting much better service. 

Posted By: AviSteve
Date Posted: 10 Jan 2019 at 2:07pm
Your avionics person is incorrect.  I can assure you that Jack sees email that goes to his address.  If you wish to escalate, you can email Mike Clifford at mclifford a.t

Steve Lindsley
Avidyne Engineering

Posted By: Samurai
Date Posted: 10 Jan 2019 at 3:04pm
Thanks Steve,
I will try that route; I was originally told 10-15 business days and we are 3 weeks past that; Normally if i see progress or have a ETA I am accommodating, but with no ETA or follow-up i am left in the dark. The original 15 day est was fine, but now i am forced to cancel flights and meetings because my plane is grounded until these come back.
I will give it a day to see if Jack responds, if not i will try Mike;

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